Thank you to Talking Biotech Sponsors! 

Oregon Farm Bureau, Manitoba Canola Growers, US Pork Board, American Seed Trade Association, Light Emitting Computers, (others have been received, but have not yet been processed through our the University Foundation account- will post as soon as information arrives). 

(in order received)  Ms. Amira Esk, Mr. John Csonka, Dr. William Pilacinski, Mr. Mitchell Weitz, Dr. Karthik Aghoram, Dr. Christine & Joshua Chase, Dr. William Enright, Dr. Alan Kriz, Ms. Kristen Schubach, Mr. Michael Sieler, Mr. Scott Carle, Dr. Curt Hannah,  Mr. Mark Keating, Ms. Mary E. Mangan, Ms. Emma Bower,  Ms. Alison Gair,  Mr. Steve Joehl,  Dr. Henri Kester, Mrs. Renee Kester,  Ms. Nancy Kurul, Mrs. LaDonna E. Pride, Ms. Laurel Stuart, Amy Levy, Wendy L. Picht, (Many others have been received and information will be posted asap). 

Anonymous -- $100, $25